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Massage With Purpose

Want more joy, freedom from limitations, and overall wellbeing? Ai Zen provides you the services and solutions you need to "release your potential".

People want treatment that they deserve. Cutting edge innovations to help inspire the body to heal, change, and return to balance. By finding the root causes to musculoskeletal disfunctions we can make miracles happen together. We deliver just that. At Ai Zen we unconditionally believe that you can return to health! Our un-matched staff is ever ready to help take you to new levels of awareness, freedom from pain, and peace of mind.

Ai Zen is all about helping you:

  • Achieve your Goals
  • Experience Freedom
  • Get rid of Pain
  • Increase Performance
  • Release the Greatness Within

Schedule your life change today and awaken your mind, body, and spirit to the difference that is Ai Zen.

Our Staff

Jordan Charters, LMT

Oregon Board of Massage License# 16334
Graduated with honors from Everest Institute in 2009
Everest Institute Sports Massage Certification Course 2010

In my life I have done many things in the pursuit of happiness: U.S. Marine, MCIWS, and Marketing Manager at a Marketing Firm to name a few. Of all my endeavors, my greatest joy has come from being a Massage Therapist. I am very grateful to have the privilege to be a part of this field.

Through massage I have found the purpose of my life: to educate, inspire, create, and integrate the mind, body, and spirit connection. I marvel at the creation of all things, especially the human body. Our bodies are

designed magnificently and it is my desire to learn all I can to help increase the quality of life of my clients and those I associate with. I have taken over 1800 hours of Massage Education. I am also currently in classes for Pre-Med and will be continuing my journey for a better you and me as I work toward my Nutrition License, Physical Trainer Cert., Naturopathic Doctorate, License in Acupuncture, and Life Coaching License. I believe in a world where we can prevent disease and rely on our bodies' incredible ability to heal themselves.

Jordan Charters

"No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another"
Jordan Charters

Rod Diehm

Rod Diehm, LMT

Oregon Board of Massage License # 11410

I believe that we have an innate ability to heal and become whole on many different levels; it's just that most of us live a life that makes it hard to get in touch with that part of our being. Massage, especially purposeful touch that is directed by the needs of the client, not the therapist, is a wonderful way to connect back to self and realize that there is a better way of living in our bodies. I am truly blessed to be in a life endeavor that has enthralled me more every day for 20+ years! I have had my own practice since graduating from the Brian Utting School of Massage where I strived to take to heart my alma matter's mission statement: to be an outstanding massage therapist with a greater sense of my humanity. I have taught at massage schools in the Northwest and teach continuing education classes titled the 'Body Intensive Series'.

I truly believe Ai Zen will create a health care model that looks at the individual person for their optimal health instead of shoving them into a cookie cutter system!

"True healing and enhanced performance is not something that is 'done to' a person. It is achieved in harmony with an individual's unique structure and being."
Rod Diehm

Ernesto A. Lara, LMT

Oregon Board of Massage License #17920
Graduated with honors from Everest Institute in 2010
Everest Institute Sports Massage Certification Course 2011

As an athlete, I played all sorts of sports--wrestling, lacrosse, basketball, base jumping... I've found out that our bodies are amazing in what they can do with the right training. Growing up I've always had a strong passion for helping others and to family and friends' surprise, they found out early in my childhood that I had "magic hands".

Being an Lmt has brought me so much joy in life because every day I make a difference in my clients' lives

and there is no greater joy then doing what you love and making others happy by doing what you do. I enjoy the medical field and learning all there is to know about our bodies. I've also enjoyed working at a chiropractor office and spa's by getting familiar with injuries from sports to work-related injuries and car accidents and making a difference in others' lives.