Investing in Massage is an investment in your health. When you book a massage at Ai Zen, our world class therapists customize a variety of innovative, intent driven, and focused massage styles and techniques to achieve the goal desired. At Ai Zen we are blessed to provide effective and long lasting results that truly facilitate the process of "Releasing Your Potential".

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Hourly rate is $212 an hour or a same day quick pay at $80 an hour.

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"AI ZEN IS INCREDIBLE!!! I've had chronic ankle and knee pain for the last three years from a serious gymnastics injury that required surgeries. Since then, I had seen multiple physical therapists, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist, and relief never lasted more than a day. Scar tissue always crept back up, causing severe pain and preventing me from doing the activities I always loved to do. But since coming to Ai Zen for massages, my ankles and knees haven't felt this good since before the injury!I HIGHLY recommend seeing them for any aches and pains, from mild and annoying to serious and chronic." Raquel R., Portland, OR